4 months old = 3 mo’ shots in my thighs!

4 months old means vaccine time one mo' 'gain!

"shoot, daddy, i ain't skurred. can't nobody hold me down...b-b-but i likes it when you hold me in this weird room."

someone doesn't know what's coming

"ma, i'm shtraight. it was fine AFTER the blood trickled down my luscious thighs and YOU almost cried."

"aight, let's go daddy. i'm gettin' real emburrrst right about now."

Thank you Lord for a great 4 month appointment with our fave, original doctor. MLK is in the 50th percentile in height, weight, and head circumference (yes, even if he Korean, he wasn’t off the charts in head size). So grateful for his development. From a 6 lb. little guy at birth to an almost 16 lb. four-month old. Halleluyer!

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