2.17.14 Malibu, CA.  photo credit:  Jodee Debes

2.17.14 Malibu, CA. (photo credit: Jodee Debes)



4.8.17 Forest Park, Queens, NYC:  still in awe that we are expecting again (photo credit:  Keri Tan Photography)



4.8.17 Forest Park, Queens, NYC (photo credit:  Keri Tan Photography)


6.24.17 Welcoming our newest member, our Olive girl, who was born on 5.28.17 for most memorable Memorial Weekend (photo credit:  Keri Tan Photography)


Needs Jesus.

Korean-American mama.

Cali transplant in NYC since 2005, grateful to do life with Mets fanatic family:  Flushing-born East Coast hubby, my two boys, and my Olive baby girl who joined us May 2017.  (Boomeranged back to CA in 2018, Halleluyer!)


Naturally open and honest to a fault (sometimes wishing I weren’t wired this way). Trying to go full throttle with blogging, even though I have become more ambivalent about how much to express and share as I grow older.

Soaking up the fullness and joy of ajummamahood (“ajumma” is Korean for “senora”/”married woman” + mama), but needing to carve out something just for myself. So here I am. Connecting with others is life-giving for me, so if I can make you laugh, ponder, get verklempt, or just say “Word…” as you read, my heart is fuller for it.

Here are a couple posts (from July 2015) that may give you a glimpse of who I am and why I blog:



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