Memorial Day weekend 2011

A three-day weekend is a beautiful thang. Hubby was THIS close to having to work through some of it but found out on Saturday that he did not have to. Halleluyer! Weekend was glorious, full of quality time as a family of three with some sizzling weather as a backdrop.

Some highlights: Micah was able to get on the swings with Daddy for the first time. Walked miles in our beautiful park through lush trees and shade. Daddy was Billy Madison, lining up at the ice cream truck, very seriously weighing the decision – Cherry Dipped Vanilla Cone v. Firebomb. Nice to walk alongside them, with Daddy behind the stroller. After committing to staying at home indefinitely with my lil shumai, I keep wondering about part-time, flexible opportunities for the future. Ice cream truck? It’s seasonal and my boy could roll with me? Bump some R&B and drive through the parks?

Some seafood with childhood friend and his wifey and baby boy just six weeks older than our boy. So nice to see parent friends in love with their own babies.

Church. Sermon on Anxiety. Got to see a few friendly faces afterwards.

Woodbury – overrun more than ever this weekend by Orthodox Jews and Asians. So curious how everyone makes their money, how they’re able to buy, buy, buy. So crowded and too hot but nice to get out for a drive away from the city. Must write letter of complaint soon though so that they can upgrade their bathrooms. On this especially hot day, we went speedwalking to the bathroom marked as “nursing station” on the map so that Micah would not get dehydrated. Shoving one battered wicker chair into a toilet stall within the general population of the masses of other toilets does not make for a nursing station. Impossible to nurse with diarrhea fumes swirling all around, punching both baby and mama in the nose. Unacceptable. There needs to be a separation. At least a few comfortable chairs in a different room? Yes, there was one Family Restroom which I was so excited to use because it was another First for our family but it was not airconditioned and a line of other families started to form, people knocking and making me nervous to do my thang. I don’t do well when people are waiting on me, so I flung open the door and told the other mama to come on in and change her baby while I nursed (or tried to since Micah likes to bite now – even with no teeth). Laughable really, that you sell Gucci and Prada on your premises but shove a nasty chair into a TOILET STALL and call that a nursing station. I guess this would be one lowlight from the weekend’s highlights.

Dim Sum with my new mama friends and their baby daddies. Nice to bond and have our babies see other babies regularly. Would be too isolating to do this on our own.

Walks around the neighborhood.

Putting away winter clothes. (Not that I enjoyed doing any kind of packing or organizing but symbolically).

Some other highlights but brain shutting down. Goodnight.

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