Tree Skirt

As a follow-up to my “Starting with Stockings” post, here are the stockings we’ve added to our home, as a commitment to create holiday traditions for our third-generation Korean-American boys.


I never thought I’d go Mrs. Claus but I chose her at the end because choices were very limited and I am the mama after all.


KK went Santa. Clear choice for him, even from the beginning of our deliberation. Never any wavering. Always steady.


We chose Black Bear for Micah as his beloved best friend is his Pooh Bear.


We chose this Rudolph for Ellis because he currently looks like him. Plush.


We are FAMILY. Micah enjoys pointing at each stocking everyday, doing roll call on his family members.

I also learned just THIS YEAR that the bottom covering for hiding Christmas tree roots actually has a name. “Tree skirt” for all you other latent FOBs. We had to stop displaying the cards on the tree skirt as more and more started coming in and it looked like a hot mess:


Each year, we will buy one ornament for each boy. Bear is the obvious choice for Micah once again, and this other little creature looks like Ellis.


Aight, I am not enjoying this process of posting pictures via blog. It is taking way too long. I bet I’m doing something wrong. I’mma take it to Facebook instead as that is what I’m used to and I also get to control who sees a gang of pictures of my boys.

Merry Christmas to all!

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