“The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” v. “Washington Heights”

Blizzard looks freaking beautiful outside my window. I love hearing the crackling sound as the snow pellets hit my window.

Both my morsels are knocked out, though #2 will soon suck on his fists vociferously, looking for some nourishment to sustain the swollness of his cheeks. The dude is so chill, making him even more adorable to me. Yesterday, big bro finally became too curious about little bro’s Albert Einstein hair and yanked it hard after fronting like he was going to be gentle. EZ hardly let out more than a yelp though I had to reprimand Micah to never do that again.

I should lie down for a bit because I still feed EZ around 2 am and 6ish am though he is over 4 months now. He doesn’t cry to be fed but I hear him sucking his little fists hard and I see his black eyes open in the dark like a squirrel looking for a nut and I know he’s hungry.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how the ladies of the The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (“TRHOBH”) and the cast of Washington Heights (“WH”) cannot be more different.

I watch TRHOBH with such disdain that I shouldn’t watch, if I’m gonna be such a hater. Eyes hurting from rolling my eyes too much. Maybe it stems from envy on some level but only of their bank accounts and how money is never a factor to weigh. These ladies have money coming out their ears but are the opposite of bombdig80 in every way.

Their posh gatherings are almost always catered even if it’s just hanging out at their crib. I wouldn’t be mad at that because who wouldn’t want tuna tartare on the regular but they don’t even have real friendships while gathered around said tuna tartare, despite all the cheek-kissing. Their gatherings are always about the decadent food or the poshness of the event/trip, not that they actually enjoy each other. Their “friendships” are so wack that I always thank God for my real friends whenever I watch these clowns. They just try to keep up with each other, make sure they are as bling’d out, lipglossed, Spank’d, hair-did, dieted as their “friend.” They are competitive about their pet projects/side hustles that they couldn’t have landed without this show.

The recent Vegas trip hosted by Brandi was cringeworthy because she was trying so hard to fit in with these hens not because they are quality friendship material but because of their wealth, power, connections. They tried so hard to crack up over unfunny banter (“ba-gi-na!”) and act like they are truly bonding. I’ve been in professional situations like that, where I have to fake-smile and sustain the smile for the whole evening that I leave the dinner with aching facial muscles.

I know they are not friends from childhood so I shouldn’t expect their bond to go deeper than for the cameras but I can’t help but compare them to the kids on WH. (I actually don’t know how old the cast of WH are but much younger than me).

I just started watching WH because one of my best friends told me about it. I wasn’t going to tune in because I need to be doing other things offa my to-do list and the cast looks too young to interest me. But these kids are BOMB!

They may not have ends/scrill/cheddar/greenbacks right now but their friendships are so genuine and strong that they want to bring each other up when they do come up. No jealousy or sizing each other up. Always genuinely supporting each others’ endeavors, be it rapping, singing, poetry, art, baseball. They pool together their limited funds to just buy some fried chicken and hang on the rooftop or have taco night but make sure everyone comes through to spend time together, just clowning each other, and checking in.

I know the hens on TROBH always show up to everything to “support” each other but it isn’t convincing. There is such a contrast with WH. These kids really care. They listen to each other, are loyal, and not transactional. Whether it’s someone’s birthday or Open Mic Night, they are so there for each other and celebratory of others’ successes.

Their friendship makes it less tough to deal with problems like a younger brother’s incarceration, not having both parents around, or having to pass out flyers as a day job so that he can chase his pro-baseball dreams.

Unlike some would be, these kids are not ashamed of their humble backgrounds. Ludwin’s grandma sells shaved ice from a cart and he runs after her, not from her, so that he and a friend can score some ices for free. J.P. beams as he hands over a few hundred dollars to his mama, money he made at a rapping gig, money they needed to pay their electric bill.

TROBH would never be okay with slumming it and their “problems” are never about how to pay the bills or having a roof over their heads but about nerves before getting her nose done or feeling awkward at a cocktail party because someone defamed someone else.

And the difference in the LEVEL OF CONVERSATION and humor! The hens on that other show are so dull even though they travel to exotic places and attend high society events. These WH kids just flow with each other and talk so well about matters of the heart – their dreams, fears, relationships, families, issues. True, Frankie needs to walk away from Ludwin because she WILL get hurt but overall dynamics is that everyone can talk about anything and everything. No stupid small talk or hiding their real selves.

OK, this post sucked as I couldn’t drop examples (too time consuming to describe) but if I wait to edit, I’m never gonna post so here it goes. Fat Cheeks woke up anyhow. Peace.

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