Motion Detector Mini Monday Post

Hoping to get one real post in regularly (weekly!?) as I’ve quickly learned that if I don’t get my thoughts down, they will be lost in the Black Hole, hanging out with many missing baby socks.

I’ve wanted to write about too much, including When Your Firstborn Picks His Fave Parent (and It Ain’t You, Even After Being the One to Exclusively Nurse Him for 13 Months), family dynamics and pain, expectations, the poison of envy, watching “Parenthood” = watching National Geographic, waiting to exhale, and kiddie birthday parties in NYC.

We were out so much again this weekend, we only came home to feed the kiddos and put them to bed. We maximize our weekends by usually being out from morning to night, but there is a cost. We miss out on time to declutter, organize, plan and prepare meals for the week. But my rationale is that because our NYC co-op is so small, we have to be out as much as possible, exploring NYC, especially when daddy is present for 1:1 adult:kid ratio and before winter hits.

I ended up spending my final moments of the weekend in a spotless Manhattan public restroom with gorgeous tile work on the floor which I had multiple opportunities to stare at during a 3 year-old’s birthday party. Thankfully, it was the eve of my mama’s departure so she was able to wrangle Ellis while Kevin had to stay by Micah’s side at the gymnastics party.

When you are having embarrassing moments, with cartoon-like sound effects, in a public bathroom, that motion detector light sure kicks a girl while she’s down. Making me flail my arms wildly with beads of sweat on my face, hoping that Heath/Leo/Olivia’s mamas won’t be needing to pay a visit any time soon, and fingers crossed that a Heath/Leo/Olivia won’t have a moment and crawl up into my stall, mesmerized by my duckie socks. (By the way, I blame you, The Strand’s Smotheres’ n Smoked Chicken & Biscuit, for this ordeal. So good but so wrong.)

After I joined the party, I told Kevin in detail (in Korean) why I went MIA a handful of times…when I realized that the dad and toddler next to his ear are native Koreans.

Stomach still hurting a bit, Mama/Gramma Lee done returned to LA, Ellis napping, Micah counting down the minutes ’til he is reunited with his beloved fave parent tonight, and mama hoping to write soon, get a real blog post in!

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