The Pressure of Going Viral


my previous post, “You Set Me Up,” went viral.

I’mma stay down-to-earth though and not let it get to my head.

Mind you, “viral” is all relative. I think talking blog stats is a sensitive topic, maybe like sharing one’s weight, but I’ll just put myself on blast.

“Viral” for my tiny blog is about 250 views in two days, after sharing it only on my personal and Ajummama Facebook pages. For professional bloggers, they may wanna off themselves after reaching such a small audience, whereas I was downright giddy.

I don’t know the rhyme or reason behind why some of my posts get more clicks than others. I write about different things but the reader doesn’t know what it’s about UNTIL they click on it. This post that went “viral” was about HOPE, a universal topic, but y’all didn’t know that UNTIL you clicked on it. So how did it get so much love?

Anyhow, the day after I went viral, I woke up thinking that it was going to be another inspirational day of testifying. I wanted more “Glory Be!” moments.

Felt downright sheepish. After all, I had TESTIFIED! I was in “Can I get a witness?” mode.

Instead, the next day turned out to be so gnarly that I will keep it to myself (for now).

And THEN, when I wanted to write more of a snarky post, which was writing itself inside my head, I felt like, “How you gonna go out like that? Your 18 readers like the Hope stuff! You can’t Debbie Downer them.”

But back to being myself. We are all complex creatures. All of us are grasping for Hope as well as not so inspired in our less-than-best moments.

So lemme be True and tell you about a pet peeve that I encountered today. See if I go from Viral to Incubated – experiment with this blog game.

I took Ellis to his gym class. (Wish this could be anonymous at times like these but alas.)

Noticed that the teacher doesn’t hide her preference for certain mamas. For those of us she isn’t quite feelin’, she insists that you MUST call ahead to see if you can do a make-up. If she likes you more, she will let you just show up informally while she is extra sweet to you and your child.

I’m in the former category. Prolly have to call her TWICE. She’s a loud kooky lady. I’m a loud kooky lady (in a different way, in corporate packaging). Sometimes other loud kooky ladies don’t take to me and prefer other types. That is fine.

She was asking the little ones if they wanted a turn in the Donut. Other moms ask their Littles, “Do you want a turn in the Donut?”

This mom just grabs Dude and puts him in the Donut.

You gonna ride in the Donut unless you cry and shriek. Mama paid for these classes so you gonna try everything. Twice.

I placed him in there as we sang “Row Row Row Your Boat.” He looked frozen but like he was secretly enjoying himself, too.

He has this look often.

Teacher says, loudly and kookily, while trailing off from singing, “You never gon’ win an argument with YOUR Mommy, are you?”

So this post ain’t about something as beautiful as Hope. Just a pet peeve of mine when people categorize you after three total hours of interacting with you, over the course of three weeks, and then speaking to your child about that impression, loudly and kookily.

I also don’t like it when a teacher doesn’t do a better job of hiding her preferences.

I ain’t no PUREBRED Tiger mama just because I placed my still-small child in a little ride without asking him. I’m sure there is part Tiger in me somewhere (I AM Korean) but don’t assume! I’m all mush for my kids.

I’m sure we form our impressions of each other within SECONDS of meeting each other BUT don’t be speaking on it to my toddler.

Just keep it to yourself.

The only acceptable adult-to-toddler commentary of When I Met Your Mother would be, “Now I know where you got your pretty brown eyes from,” or “Your mom looks like she lost at least 1.2 pounds this week!”

Can I get a witness?

5 thoughts on “The Pressure of Going Viral

  1. This made me smile and happy all over. You’re fun and fantastic 🙂 If teacher ain’t feelin’ you, then she’s just missing out.
    (Congrats on your viral post…I’m still waiting for a big stat day)

  2. what! I’d have assumed that your posts get way more play than mine. thanks for reading and commenting. still dunno how some posts go “viral” even before the reader knows the content/topic. title alone couldn’t be it since my titles don’t make sense UNTIL you read it. btw, this pet peeve post is getting way less play haha.

  3. Congrats on the spike. I know what you mean about that giddy feeling. If only it was a steady and linear uphill climb to internet domination! Alas …

  4. i’m feelin ya THERE! Growing up in NY, I’ve learned to tune all those negative, snippy, insult-them-with-a-smile comments out, but now I’ve got to recalibrate — those comments get heard and DO affect our little ones!! thanks for sharing darlin’!!

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