Merry Sparrow

As the kids get older, we want to teach them that Christmas is a time to celebrate and a time to be extra grateful to have more than enough.

A cozy home, running water, meals and snacks EVERYDAY, a family that is crazy about each other, and our different communities.


One can’t be completely immune to commercialism this holiday season.

Our family visited LIC Flea & Food this past weekend to check out the Christmas scene. We hoped to score some good eats for lunch before heading to a White Elephant party in the evening.

I told Kevin that I wanted to pick up a li’l sump sump for myself. Without feeling guilty about spending money on something I don’t NEED.  A special little something for me, not for sharing with the kids or the family.

The only rule I set was that it had to be inexpensive and MEANINGFUL.

Kevin wrangled the kids in the small, cold warehouse while I went on my focused search. I was given 20 minutes as we had our eventful Saturday (and kids’ car naps) all mapped out per usual weekend adventure scheduling.

It was freezing so he couldn’t let them burn energy outside.  Daddy was sweating bullets just trying to keep the quick-handed Ellis from snatching the holiday cookies on sale on vendors’ tables.  He even bribed them with vintage Batman and Spiderman magnets he hadn’t planned on purchasing.

Mommy was released to do what she loves.


I love the hunt at flea markets. I usually just “know” when I’ve landed on the right table or vendor.

This time was no exception.

I chitchatted with the vendor for a while. She was from Spain but has been living in NYC for more than two decades, raising her two grown children here.

She tried to guide me along to the right piece of jewelry even though I had told her that I would just KNOW when I found it.

“How about jade?” I don’t like jade in any form – not yellow or green.

“Cats?” Never.

“Swans?” Beautiful but no meaning for me.

“Gnomes?” Gno!

“Butterflies?” Again, beautiful but no meaning for me. And I feel like Mariah Carey claimed them years ago.

“Mother and child?” Maybe – but they are white so no connection for me. And I think the child is a blonde. Blonde girl.

“How about this lady? You liked her before.” Yes, I liked that there was Asian representation among the jewelry but not enough to take her home. Still no meaning.

“How about this bird? You told me you liked birds?” Yes, but those weren’t it.

“Some birds,” I murmured, preoccupied, eyes darting while scanning her table, wondering if I would be able to find something special after all within my allotted timeframe.

And then I saw it.

Two birds – possibly SPARROWS.  For my Micah.  For my Ellis.  For my Micah and Ellis. And for my mama who always told me that the sparrows were chirping just for me when she walked me to kindergarden.

photo (27)

Merry Christmas! May you find meaning in big and small ways as you create your holiday memories this year.

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