Gotta start somewhere

I’ve been kicking myself for not having started a blog during my glorious pregnancy.  I say “glorious” because it truly was just that.  The most joyful time of my life thus far.  I was uncharacteristically laid-back (other than the worries amidst the fragile, guarded celebration of the first trimester).  Living and even sleeping in amazement and wonder, marveling at the life I was carrying.  On the subway, I would feel an urge to lift my hands in praise, thanking God for my gift.  I was also blessed with a smooth pregnancy, with only some mild nausea here and there.  I never once took it for granted or as a “natural” stage in life as I am VERY aware that many couples cannot conceive easily and my heart keeps going out to them, during pregnancy and now, during this new mama stage.

During those 39 weeks I carried my son, I kept a private notebook recording every symptom and feeling and also took pictures regularly.  But now I want to share via blog so that I can connect with others, especially women, and maybe give future new mamas a glimpse into the inner life of a mama, a mama who is all heart though she still detests cooking and cleaning.  I won’t be able to share recipes witchoo or teach you home remedies as er, that is not my forte, but I want to share my heart.

I kept postponing because of legit excuses like being a sleep-deprived new mama but today is a new month, February 1st, my boy is nearly 10 weeks old, taking a late morning nap, and I don’t want to put this off any longer.

Mamahood makes all cliches ring true.  People, especially parents, would tell me, “They grow up too fast.”  They repeat this in person, on Facebook, strangers, acquaintances, friends alike.  They keep saying this BECAUSE IT IS ALL TOO TRUE.  My boy weighed 6 lbs flat when he arrived on Thanksgiving Day after being in my womb for 39 weeks (full-term).  At his 2-month check-up, he was 12 lbs, 12 ounces.  I even asked my husband if our little MLK, unlike his untall parents, could be suffering from gigantism because I thought babies didn’t double their birth weight until about 4-5 months.

He is sprouting eyelashes and eyebrows oh-so-swiftly, like my very own Chia Pet.  He laughs and squeals, smiling so charmingly that my husband has to say, “Don’t play with the baby during feeding.  He won’t sleep then!”

He went from being a gaunt newborn with sunken cheeks to having the cheeks and jowls of Paul Giamatti.  His eyes were always closed but now roaming around during his waketime, wide and long, like Randy Jackson’s.  I am so in love with this kid.  I think God made human babies the cutest babies in the animal kingdom so that we wouldn’t mind their 1000% dependence on us.

Alright, my boss is waking from his morning slumber.  I miss him even when he naps.  It’s GTL time for us – Gym, Tummytime, Laughter.  Peace out until the next post.

3 thoughts on “Gotta start somewhere

  1. Aww, yay! I’m so happy you started this blog. And MLK really looks like a real person now! lol. I really have to visit very soon before I miss all the crucial first few month baby stuff. puahaha, as if I knew what those things are.

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