mr. independent at 10 weeks old – flipped the script on mama

New stuff in the world-at-large:  chaos in Cairo, Egypt and continued gloomy weather in nyc

New developments in the MLK world:

1)  You do Thighmaster type leg pulses while straddled on Mama’s thigh, as if you were riding a pony.  I can feel you rocking yo body in small rhythmic bops now.  Sometimes you bop yo head too.  Very cute.  Li’l thug.  “it’s the thuggish ruggish bone…”

2)  Just last month, I worried that I am holding you too much, that you may become a mama’s boy, craving my bosom and hugs throughout our day.  But you done flipped the script on me this week, MICAH.  Now, you cry for me to LET YOU GO?  I was holding you, trying to soothe your cries, tryna mush your exquisite cheek into mine, but how’d I get you to calm down?   Only by setting you free into the Pack N Play where you wanted to play on your own, staring and kicking quietly, cooing here and there, for more than an hour.  You like to play alone a LOT now (sniff, sniff).  Y-y-you still have my #, righhh?

Mama was the one hiding around the corner, tryna play it cool but ready to pounce in case you’d wanna cuddle again.  Dah-yum, it’s like that already, huh?  “They SURE do grow up too fast!”

10 week old or 5th grader gettin' ready to play peewee league?

you look smashing in electric blue and no, i don't say that about every color on you since i am in love with you.


my cheeky monkey. now that i have my own baby, i can squeeze cheeks as much as i want w/o noonchee-bah'ing the parents.

see? mint green - does nothing for you. kinda washes you out. but i ain't mad atcha for squeezing your own cheek. i mean, really, how can you resist?

3)  You wake up so radiant and extra squeezable, with your face splitting open into a HUGE grin, ready to discuss sports and pop culture with your pops, making it harder for him to leave you to go commute to work!

"Mets ownership in trouble with the Ponzi scheme mess, son..."

4)  Mama got encouraged by her best friend from elementary school (currently residing in Peoria, AZ with her own first baby) who told her not to let the cold weather and Korean warnings keep her stuck in the house.  So Mama got you bundled up (though we still lack the plastic cover/wind protector that is KEY), and we braved the sidewalks two days in a row.  It was messy and we got honked at when Mama couldn’t find the lip of the sidewalk to wheel onto…AND some parts had so much snow or dirty slush that we had to find detours just to be able to wheel forward…BUT we made it safe and sound.  You were rewarded with some Aquaphor on your cheeky cheeks.

And you got to see your friend, Naomi, again.  Take that, stank weather!

naomi likes to pat my peach fuzzy head. and i'm cool with it.


yeah, girl, it's like Hair Club for Men up there. so much new growth!

back from getting our stroll on. can't imagine mama's hometown of LA where there is this thing called SUN. it would shock me to experience it. is it like fire? should i be skurred? this is all i know.

(Wow, this blogging sure takes a lotta effort and time.  But it will serve as a scrapbook for my boy.  Man, I wonder how long video clips will take, cuz at this rate, I’mma have to do TEXT ONLY entries from hereon out and that’s no fun!)



5 thoughts on “mr. independent at 10 weeks old – flipped the script on mama

  1. Thank you ladies so much for the encouragement! I am still figuring out the blogging thang – not just the technical aspects but how much I should reveal to the cyberworld. I am pretty open but maybe that could bite me in the butt one day? hmmmm….

  2. Glad I could encourage you to step out! I’m sure it’s hard in the cold. Here it’s hard b/c it’s so damn hot. It’s already starting to get warm and Lolo HATES the sun! She hides from it!

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