after last week’s snowstorm, part deux of my 2-month shots

The doc’s office ran out of HiB vaccines during your 2-month shots so we made an appointment for the week after but the SEVENTH snowstorm of the month hit and shut down the office.  So we went in yesterday.  The receptionist who sounds like Tracy Morgan said, “Last name, Kim?  Yo baby Malachi, right?”  I said, “No, it’s Micah, but hey, both are Biblical!”  She said, “Aw, my bad.  I totally tore your baby’s name UP!”  Malachi sounds nice, too – maybe “Kai” for short like your play cousin, Kai Callen (shout-out).

Mama was less nervous because you were so brave with the first batch of shots and knew that this time, there would only be one.  Unfortunately, we were gonna get the doctor we did NOT want in this big practice.  I guess his schedule and our early morning schedule just works out though and we were asked, “Is it okay if you get Dr. _____?”  We said it was fine because we knew it was just a quickie visit for that one shot.  Mama wanted to be proven wrong but again, he got on her nerves by rushing us, “Hi, Hi, youhaveanyquestionsno?  Good.”  “ACTUALLY, doctor, we have a couple questions.”  Papa was amused because he thought maybe Mama would fight the doctor.  The doctor is a spazz, didn’t even give you a band-aid, and for some reason, stabbed the leather exam console with the used syringe after he was done with you.  He rushed off like he was moonlighting at the Jersey Shore t-shirt store and needed to get back before Bossman Danny noticed he had disappeared for a two-hour coffee break.  Hopefully, we won’t deal with him again.  (He was the one who talked way too much about nonsense like Koreans eating dogs, while not paying you enough attention during the visit, and roughly placing you on the exam console WITHOUT A HYGIENIC TISSUE COVER.  The very exam console that other babies crap and pee on, and the same one he stabbed with a used syringe.)

This time you hardly even cried!  You were so over it already.  You didn’t even need to breastfeed for soothing.

thanks papa for coming wit me. good lookin' out even if you have to go into your j-o-b right after. i miss you all day!

oh, lawd, let's just get this over with. where the doctor at?


AFTER the shot - "Yeah son! CAN't NOBODY HOLD MEEE DOOWN! Not even after you done shiv'd me with that needle, doc!"

6 thoughts on “after last week’s snowstorm, part deux of my 2-month shots

  1. Jihee – this post made me laugh so much. I completely understand so much of what you wrote!! I particularly liked the part ab sweet Micah grabbing the “extra skin” lol Naomi still does that! He is SO adorable : )

  2. hello ajummama! your blog is, as expected, hilarious and awesome. it had me cracking up today while i was study-buddying with a friend. my study-buddy now officially thinks i’m crazy. thanks for the laughs and for ruining my reputation as a serious-minded grad student! 😉

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