you handsome beast, you’re ’bout 4 months and 1 week old

Mama hasn’t been writing. Sometimes, there is just too much swirling around in my head and I don’t have time or energy to organize them thoughts into a focused blog entry. I don’t have much down time anyhow since you are my most devoted and expressive fan yet, watching me from across the room, to come join you and squeeze you. And when I walk away, you protest. This will be a mini-entry as I still want to get down the swirly thoughts AND post your four-month pictures (though on this blog, I only know how to do it one-by-one!).

SO MUCH has happened since my last entry. Earthquake, tsunami, devastation in Japan, for one. Attacks in Libya. The world can be a scary place.

On a lighter note, your daddy’s fave college team, UConn, made it to the Final Four. Their star player, Kemba Walker, started to shoot up to superstar(ruh) level on Thanksgiving Eve, the day before you were born. I remember yo daddy was timing contractions, not really believing that your birth was imminent, while peeping the UConn game.

In our small world of just you and me, you’ve picked up a new habit. You beat my chest as you breastfeed. You punch me rhythmically. Perhaps you don’t like some passages in our daily Bible readings? Like when I read you Proverbs 29:3. Does it sound like it’s already jahnsohree/lecture from mama? “…But he who keeps company with harlots wastes his wealth.” These are things you need to know though, son!

I know it may not make the official record but according to my planner, you DID say your first word on Feb. 17, 2011 while we were at CA gramma and grampa’s place, when you were 12 weeks old. Your pops and your CA gramma witnessed it. You said, “Ummmm – Maaa” staring straight into my eyes. You never said it again but you said it quite clearly. You do like to babble though and it’s getting louder and cuter by the minute!

In the middle of the night on March 29th, you rolled over onto your tummy. You cried out because you were trying to sleep but found yourself in a wacky predicament. Unbeknownst to you, you had ended up on your tummy so you started doing ab work involuntarily. I felt so bad because you couldn’t help it and it must have startled you. You were just wailing, doing Tummy Time, when alls you wanted to do was sleep. I think about you when I’m at the gym, having to do ab work in Pilates, how hard it is and how hypocritical I am, making you do Tummy Time while I refuse to.

We have to put up some crib bumpers so that you don’t hurt yourself. But not all bumpers are safe. Boring topic but something we’ve been thinking a lot about.

You are a good sleeper and always have been. Thank you for that my mongshil-ree! You still take at least three solid naps daily but now that you’re so aware of your surroundings, they are harder to get you to START. You don’t want mama to leave you. I have never felt so needed and though it’s intense, I love it. To be needed by such a handsome, cute, sweet, mild-tempered, somewhat shy, plushy babe makes me JUBILANT. I was going to name you “Jubilant” because that is how I felt throughout the 39 weeks I carried you but your dad vetoed that one vehemently!

You’ve been to two dohls and one baek-il already. Two more coming up. You’ve been to our huge church twice now. I’ll continue this later, my honeybear. Not an interesting entry but I have so much of your life to record. I want get it all down since you are growing up so fast. We have to go to our playgroup – I’ve just been waiting on you to wake up. I LOVE YOU, my mochi! Your smiles make my heart sing!

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