6.19.12 Open Door Policy

I wanted to do a Father’s Day post but the weekend has already slipped on by. Plus I have to learn how to upload pictures more easily onto this blog without dreading it. Also, how do I set up a side panel with links to my previous posts as this blog is getting downright cluttered like my home?

I want to do a tell-all report on the chivalry I have or have not experienced as a pregnant woman with toddler in tow. Perhaps chivalry based on race, since that’s easy to categorize and one of my favorite topics, though my husband may Fahrenheit 451 those findings. Those who know me KNOW that I do not expect the world to bow down to me just because the belly is burgeoning once again. I ain’t no princess and despise that word (and all baby girl clothes labeled “princess”). As far as I know, all gals with gongjoo byung (“princess disease” in Korean, where you expect to be pampered and think you are the sh*t) are not nearly as hot as they delusionally think they are.

Anyways, while I do not expect to be treated like royalty just because I am expecting, I do get so disappointed in humankind when I have my hands full but end up opening the doors for both men and women who enjoy sashaying through after I have the door propped up against my one available hip, while shoving the packed stroller, trying not to crash the stroller handle directly into my belly, making sure my sunglasses didn’t slide off my head, with my sweat mustache turning into a full-on beard. (I always knew about my sweatiness but didn’t know that I would start sweating profusely from the undereye/upper cheekbone area, steaming up my sunglasses).

I think you can tell a lot about folks through their Open Door Policy. A handful of years ago, I was getting chummy with a gal in NYC when I started realizing her spoiled sashay habit. I would always end up holding the door open for her, be it elevator or glass door. She would walk through with her arms crossed, continuing our conversation, while I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on what the hell she was gabbing about because I was too busy wondering when I had signed up to be her man. On the other hand, the people I appreciate in my life are the types to naturally hold doors open FOR EACH OTHER – “go ahead”/”no, you go ahead.” Such a trifling issue but it reveals some heart v. lack of heart/entitlement (another fave topic of mine).

Other globally-impacting topics on my mind:
1. comically secretive people who love to ask about MY business without hesitation, while they won’t even reveal what they had for dinner last night.
2. people who don’t bat an eye while grossly (mis)calculating the bill at meals to their advantage and the awkward-feeling cowards who don’t realize what’s happening (me).
3. people who don’t reciprocate in general (not in general, as I’m hardly ever general, but I’ve yapped too much already).

Hope y’all had a beautiful Father’s Day.

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