Nekked playdate anyone?

The weather report is displaying the dreaded cactus and blazing sun icons for today. Heat wave has hit again yesterday and even worse today. Just strolled 1.72 miles in this nasty heat. To and from Micah’s last day of Vacation Bible School (VBS) Mommy & Me. What a special week it’s been. Such a blessing in so many ways. Reminds me of when I would get so attached to my Sunday school teachers and retreat/revival speakers that I would ask a few of them if we can be pen pals (no emails back then) because I didn’t want to say goodbye forever.

So if it’s so unbearably hot again, why didn’t I drive? So many reasons. Unless I can drive from a permanent parking spot to parking lot, I generally don’t bother driving in NYC. While I usually love strolling around everywhere, not driving can sometimes make me feel stuck during the week. Yet when I think about what I need to do to actually drive, I usually end up walking. Looking for our car somewhere in our neighborhood, collapsing and lifting the stroller into the trunk, fanagling M into the carseat, then returning to circle around for a parking spot in the heat for God knows how long, having to wake him up from his nap, risking him not going back down for a true nap at home. I simply refuse to do it especially as I get bigger and less tolerant. Plus, I am so scared of getting lost and not being able to recover as I mostly did the subway thing since I moved to NYC in 2005. Gotta work on this fear.

Only about ten more weeks until Belly Baby arrives.

This heat definitely affects our day-to-day activities. Some thoughts:

Walking by a pharmacy with the most glorious air conditioning, I wondered what type of immoral act I would be willing to commit if we were held hostage in this heat. Maybe immoral is too strong of a word but something that goes against my faith and values just for a blast of a/c. I’m human so if I were told that Micah, Belly Baby and I would have to stay in the heat for ____ minutes with no relief or shade, I’m sure I would succumb to some degree of depravity for some a/c. Imagining where I would draw the line. Throw in an icy drink – would I renounce my faith? Ask God for forgiveness later?

I used to pay to go to hot yoga. The irony. (But I wasn’t pregnant and strolling a toddler in an overstuffed stroller and wearing a bra with underwire).

It’s too hot to get ourselves to a playdate, something we usually love to do. It’s too hot to even host one, the easier alternative these days, because I would be nekked and that would be inappropriate. At least for the kids. Maybe a couple mamas would join me.

I wish walking around nekked on really hot days would be legal and normalized. I enjoy it so much. One of the reasons I enjoyed not having a roommate for several years in my 20s.

Oh, no. M hasn’t been napping in his crib after all. He’s calling for me before I’ve had a chance to eat. That’s what I get for blogging on my break. So grateful that the weekend has arrived. Weekend = Daddy driving!

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