Joy Injection

I am a new woman.

I feel like I just got a joy injection a few weeks ago.

Joy shouldn’t be so circumstantial but dag, weather is a big factor for me. I don’t dare take this long overdue sun for granted. Thank you, Lord, for temps in the 70s and 80s here in NYC after the Polar Vortex we endured this past winter.

This “solar vortex” got me relishing each day so much more. Each day has one common denominator: We outdoors! We in the sun! Mama loading up snacks and food and drinks and scooter, not puffy jackets and gloves and winter hats. Halleluyerrrrr! This Californian needs to be outdoors as much as possible for maximum joy infusion.

I literally stopped to smell the roses everyday this week after our daily playground run.

I took the boys on an impromptu trip to the zoo on Monday. We went without our buddies for the first time in a long while and though we always treasure Friend Time, it was just as wonderful to go on our own.

It allowed me to pause and just drink in my kids, study them real close, and realize all over again, “It wasn’t college, it wasn’t when I turned 21, it wasn’t even when I got hitched. *THIS* is IT right here. I want these moments to play over and over again in the highlight reel of my life when I meet God.”

I drank them in as Micah directed Ellis to “look at hyung (big bro), look at hyung!” as an example of how to climb in the nearby playground where we ate lunch. Lunch meaning I ran after them to shove some Boston Market turkey and meatloaf into their little mouths while they checked out different apparatus, but I was still happy to be frolicking about OUTSIDE. With little clothing.

When the animals in the petting zoo weren’t eating the barley pellets we had bought to feed them, Micah wondered aloud, “Why aren’t they eating, Mommy!?” One of the zoo employees overheard and explained that one sheep had hurt his leg so he couldn’t eat, but that “you can feed Micah,” referring to the black goat with tiny white spots.

As soon as she said that, my Micah the Human couldn’t help but break out into the most precious, sheepish (no pun intended) smile. When Micah the Human proceeded to feed Micah the Goat and his homies, one homey would kick his one leg out repeatedly against the fence to signal, “Please, some more, please!” Micah would continue to grin as I channeled Elvis to do the voice of the goat. “Thankyouverrrmuch, thankyouverrrmuch!”

When we hung out that night on our bed, just the three of us after Ellis had already succumbed to sleep in his room, Micah imitated the goat by tapping his tanned leg against our headboard, reenacting the moment for his dad.

So grateful for this joy boost and excited for the summer.

“There is no sun without shadow and it is essential to know the night.” – Camus

photo 3 outdoors

photo 4 outdoors

photo 2 (2) outdoors

outdoors outdoors

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