Two Minutes

Ellis left home today.

Most panicked two minutes of my life.

Micah was home from school due to “Anniversary Day” aka “Brooklyn Queens Day.” I have yet to Google what those NYC days mean.

It was raining dramatically so we thought our local trip with friends was cancelled. We painted and did a quick science experiment all before 9:30 am.

We said our goodbyes to Daddy as he rushed out of the house for the subway. Micah and I were talking in the kitchen while I was making a breakfast smoothie. I figured Ellis was rolling around in the boys’ room or on our bed or quietly playing with toys or quietly looking at one of his fave books.

After about a minute, I started calling for him.

“Ellis!? Ellis!? Where are you? Mommy can’t hear you!”

I quickened my pace as I looked for him in the bathroom, the boys’ room, our room, our closet he likes to play in. Nowhere to be seen. Or heard. No adorable babbling or exclaiming.

I got frantic right quick.

All the adrenalin of sheer panic hit me at once and I felt like I was jumping out of my own body and also like I was going to poo out all of my organs.

“ELLIS!? ELLIS!?” Micah sensed my panic and grabbed onto my clothes as he started to cry. He started echoing, “ELLIS! ELLIS!”

I ran out the front door to see Ellis standing there, not quite at the elevator yet, staring at our door.

He was wearing his Superman cape. He wasn’t tripping. Little dude knew we’d come for him.

THANK GOD he didn’t go for the stairs or get snatched up by some deranged visitor. This adventurous little one who always goes for the stairs knew that once he was all alone, it was a whole different ballgame so he bess stay put.

Apparently he had left when Daddy rushed out. I was in the kitchen so I was none the wiser.

Lesson learned.

NEVER go into the kitchen again.

But seriously, lesson learned: Watch everyone when they leave home for a proper goodbye, no matter how rushed or busy. THEN LOCK THE DOOR BEHIND YOU.

Grateful for no mishaps during those two minutes. Heart still beating fast as I type this six hours later.

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