John Quinones

As Micah and I strolled to the library this a.m. for our weekly summer storytime, I had to pause because rivers of sweat had deposited into my right eyeball and it stung. I was fidgeting with my eye, hoping we weren’t running late since I couldn’t walk any faster without overheating in today’s heat of 97 degrees, with a “feels like” of 107 degrees and humidity as high as 67%. Okay, I actually don’t know what the ranges are for humidity percentages but now I know that 67% is nasty.

A lady suddenly appeared by my side in a sports bra, running tank top, and spandex pants. At first, as soon as she started talking, I thought she would surely turn out to be one of those scammers who tell you an elaborate story about their car breaking down just blocks away and how they need exactly $13 to get home and that any amount would be helpful. However, she ended up asking, “Do you know a nearby park…

…for jogging?”

Again, I had had to pause because my sweat was pouring fast and furious just from STROLLING LEISURELY. I felt like John Quinones from ABC’s “What Would You Do?” was going to pop out to judge my reaction so I said, “Are you really trying to jog today!?” Surely Mr. Quinones and his camera crew would give me a pat on the back for at least trying to dissuade her. She smiled and said, “Yes.” I reluctantly told her about a park farther away and a reservoir a bit closer since she was on a mission, but added my two cents again: “I really don’t think it’s safe to jog in this heat but please be careful!” I would hope that Mr. Quinones would still gimme credit for trying to stop her.

I had so many questions for her but couldn’t jog after her to ask them.

After the walk to and from the library and an impromptu, quickie playdate before his nap where I got to replenish with some cranberry juice on the rocks, I am now forced to cancel our plans for the afternoon. As much as I want to meet up with our beloved playdates, it is seriously dangerous for us to trek back and forth again. Both summers before my babies arrived are proving to be extra brutal! Although this heat seems to be my muse for blogging – two posts this week!

p.s. Extra emphatic NYC-hating day as we officially lost Jeremy Lin to the Rockets today. Obbaaahhh! We will miss you!

Memorial Weekend 2012 – just the 3.5 of us

Time capsule post:

Our holiday weekend was delightful in that we were able to have LOTS of family time, by resting and feasting together. Micah gets extra joyful when all three of us are together and he squeals, “dada, dada, dada!” all day. Even when dada steps away to take out the trash or move the car, he asks, “Dada? Dada!?” on the days he is home. We had to take it easy because Micah had a powerful cough and cold but it was short-lived. So was my copycat cold. We had to cancel our visits to our newborn friends since they are more susceptible to catching wicked colds but for the most part, Micah got better pretty quickly. The doctor even advised that we take him outside since the fresh air makes li’l ones feel better.

It was dangerously hot so our plans to go to Central Park and the beach were rerouted as I asked for naeng-myun and superior mall air-conditioning instead. I rarely want naeng-myun but this weekend I needed it.

Most of our weekend revolved around good food and staying cool. I thought about (and envied) my two local mama friends who gave birth to their second babies, one week before this heat hit. Great timing. But still grateful for these next four months with just my firstborn.

On Memorial Day, we braved the hipsters and sweat-dripping humidity to go to Williamsburg (Brooklyn) for brunch. I told Kevin, “Wow, I didn’t expect the hipsters to sport American flags on their t-shirts! How patriotic and festive today!” He responded with, “They’re being ironic.”

Micah was not into eating much this weekend but he was into beverages, maybe because of his cold coupled with the heat. He downed all of his daddy’s mango lassi on Saturday and here he is enjoying his first(?) milkshake:

Sampling mama’s peanut butter milkshake. Here’s the approach…

the discovery and enjoyment…

“step away from me all y’all. don’t make me stick my head into this here cup” aka the devouring

fried devil eggs, steak and eggs with cheese grits, chicken and waffles. M was fine with just the milkshake.

What a difference a year makes:

cheeks for dinner – 5.18.11

This year, M was at the park, running around and cautiously approaching the sprinklers, but not yet running through them since he likes to observe first. Grateful for a beautiful long weekend!