1.7.12 welcome to sherman oaks! with (no) love, from the douches

LA, my hometown. nothing but love for you, especially for this glorious weather in January. “NOW HAVING SAID THAT” (see “Curb Your Enthusiasm” episode about how this phrase negates and contradicts everything you just said before it), sometimes the parody of a place is spot on. characters: a stringy, stuck-up LA/Hollywoody couple, BOTH with strawberry blonde hair and long limbs, who were oh-so-cold to micah while worshipping only THEIR li’l strawberry blonde offspring. giving him unwarranted stern looks, zero smiles when he played around their toddler, minding his own business. eerily quiet other than talking shit with their eyes. can’t stand it when people give each other KNOWING mean looks in front of others because hello, it ain’t your living room. i can see yo eyes. SO OBVIOUS when they gave each other looks about my mama because she was hyper and playing all goofy with her grandbaby, by rocking back and forth, completely engrossed in him, not caring about the haters. i wanted to push them so badly or shit in their diaper bag because DON’T NO ONE TALK MEAN ABOUT MY MAMA, even with YO EYES, douches! but i had to behave myself for the sake of chandler, riker, fiona, clarke, archie and all the other 2010 named babies. the whole scene was just gross, all of us with our trendily named babies, yuppy vibe in the air with everyone only into their own babies, not saying hullo. my dad found someone’s camera lens for them while they stared icily at micah and not even a “thank you.” very surprising because this is not the LA i know but a stereotype i’ve seen in sitcoms. i just notice way too much. wish i were more oblivious or just didn’t give a crap but i always do. now we will go enjoy the day some more despite the douchey morning.